Choosing the Best Enzyme Cleaner for Pet Accidents

If you’re dealing with pet accidents in your home, it’s important to use an effective cleaner that can completely eliminate odors and stains. Here are some tips based on information shared by contributors:

  1. Understanding Enzyme Cleaners:
    • Importance of Enzymes: Enzyme cleaners are essential because they break down uric acid bonds in pet urine. Without enzymes, products can’t fully remove the uric acid, leading to recurring odors whenever it gets humid.
  2. Recommended Enzyme Cleaner: Trinova:
    • Effectiveness: Trinova Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover contains enzymes that break down uric acid, non-pathogenic bacteria that consume waste, and gentle oxidizers to lift stains.
    • Eco-Friendly: This product is environmentally friendly and safe for kids and pets.
    • Versatility: Trinova is safe for use on various surfaces and can be used in spray bottles for spot treatment or in carpet shampooers for larger areas.
  3. How to Use Trinova:
    • Spot Treatment:
      • Spray the affected area generously.
      • Lay a hot damp towel over the sprayed area overnight. By morning, the towel will have absorbed the stain.
      • Wash the towel as usual.
    • Carpet Cleaning:
      • Use Trinova in a carpet shampooer for deep cleaning.
    • Laundry Pre-Treatment:
      • Spray the stained clothing and let it sit for an hour before starting the wash cycle.
  4. Other Recommendations:
    • Nature‚Äôs Miracle Just for Cats: This product is specifically formulated to handle cat accidents effectively.
    • Odoban: An excellent choice for mopping floors and eliminating odors.
    • Pure Peroxide: A cost-effective option that is also effective in removing stains.

By following these tips and using the right enzyme cleaner, you can ensure your home remains clean and free from pet odors and stains. Happy cleaning!

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