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Everyone enjoys using fresh, fluffy towels! Additionally, gym members use a large number of towels. By providing clean, fresh towels at your fitness center or gym, you can demonstrate to your customers that you value their health, safety, and comfort. But as a gym owner, buying and maintaining towels costs money. What is this situation’s cost-benefit analysis?

Cost is the main factor preventing free towel service at the majority of big-box fitness facilities. It doesn’t make sense for these kinds of institutions to purchase towels, cleaning towels, keep track of them, and spend staff time gathering and distributing them given their focus on profit.

Lack of gym towels might result in accidents on the floor, lower standards of cleanliness, and less attendance if patrons forget to bring their own. Luxlaundry remains the best towel service when it comes to towel services. If you own a boutique gym and are looking to add value to draw in clients, this is the service for you.

Why Select an Expert Towel Cleaning Service?

Should you buy towels in bulk or hire a cleaning service for them? When determining what is ideal for your institution, take into account the following factors:

Environmental impact: Consider the effects of throwing away worn out towels and wipes that end up in landfills. A cleaning service is much better for clean towels and for the environment.

Compliance: Handling single-use, dirty shop towels could require a lot of effort and knowledge. There are organizations that strictly control how oil- and solvent-soaked rags are disposed of.

Performance: Compared to renting towels, you need more single-use wipers to complete the task.

Total Cost: In addition to the price of the towels, take into account the cost of disposing of them, the time spent shopping, the cost of storing them in a warehouse, and the inventory expenses involved in towel purchases.

Gym Towel Types & Sizes

While other gym towels provide greater portability, some are preferable for exercises done at home. The ones you might hang in your bathroom and the ones people use at the gym are two different things. 

Shower towels: Regular bath towels are just too big to bring into a gym environment. They take up too much room, even if they will dry you more quickly than a smaller one. They’re a good choice if you’re exercising at home, though.

Hand Towels: Because they are used to dry your hands, hand towels are significantly smaller than bath towels. Despite the fact that they are often composed of the same material as a bath towel, they might be a fantastic alternative for the gym.

Small Gym Towels: The ideal gym towel is bigger than a hand towel but smaller than a bath towel. They are frequently referred to as sweat towels, micro towels, or sports towels. These towels are suitable for a wide range of different fitness-related activities due to their size. A gym towel that is 16″ by 40″, very absorbent, and manufactured from post-consumer recycled materials is a nice example.

What are the Benefits of a Gym Towel Service?

Take your time to consider the advantages if you haven’t decided if you need the assistance of a gym towel service.

Gym Cleanliness and Hygiene

Many potential members think about a studio’s hygiene before joining. This applies to the facilities’ lavatories, towels, locker rooms, and other areas. Towels are used to clean members, tools, floors, and even mats. You get to decide how clean the gym is by offering towels. The cleanliness and condition of the towels that guests bring from home are beyond your control.

People who go to the gym frequently have a single towel that they keep in their gym bag and use repeatedly with minimal washing. This is a breeding environment for bacteria, pathogens, and fungi that might spread to the shared equipment immediately.

By providing towels that have been newly and thoroughly laundered, you can lessen the risk of exposing visitors and equipment to unknown germs. Successful studios and gyms either charge an additional price for towels or factor the cost of towels and washing into membership fees and operational costs. If you can convey it well, gym cleanliness and sanitation are worth paying a bit more for as a consumer.

Environmentally and sustainably friendly

You could believe that using paper towels or disposable sanitizing wipes would be sufficient and unnecessary. Both of them still consume valuable resources in their production for a single use and end up in landfills. Additionally, your business may experience an increase in trash collections and paper towel litter.

Towels that are reused and often cleaned can be thrown in a hamper out of sight, where they are gathered for frequent care and washing. By using less water and power, bulk washing gym towels is more effective than home washing.

Compared to giving your guests paper towels, delivering gym towels will be a huge step toward environmental conscience. Despite being biodegradable, paper towels contribute to landfill garbage.

More Customer Satisfaction

People are forgetful. They might not come to class as frequently if they can’t recall their house towel or if it was never laundered. They may decide to quit their membership because of the lower attendance since they don’t see the desired effects.

You eliminate one more justification for them to skip class or skip their workout if they don’t have to remember to bring their gym towel or towel card. You may demonstrate your support for their ambitions, as well as their own personal health and hygiene, by giving them clean, fresh towels through a clear, long-lasting method.

Maintain a spotless atmosphere by giving your visitors access to return towels, and have premium towels whenever they need them. To further improve your standards for cleanliness, throw away any torn, threadbare, frayed, or persistently soiled towels.

A wonderful way to strengthen the bond between your customers and your business is to provide towel service. Both parties stand to gain when customers visit your establishment and take advantage of all the wholesome and cozy features you provide.

How much does it cost to use a towel gym service?

It certainly costs money to provide towel service to members, but it costs more purchasing towels, so many fitness centers would wonder if it’s worthwhile. Free towel service could be worthwhile if your facility is service-oriented and you charge extra for membership. If not, many facilities either charge more for towels or have a reliable system in place to manage them.

According to statistics, Pennsylvania’s monthly charges for the towel service are estimated to be approximately $125. Customers typically lose between 1% and 6% of their towel inventory each year. Typically, service providers charge a replacement cost for every service pick-up that ranges from 3% to 6% of the towel inventory to cover this loss.

Because the service provider is charging you for the entire cost of the towel to be replaced, the auto replacement price per towel may be substantially greater than the towel unit cost.

What to Look for in a Towel Service

Comparing service offerings is what you should do after choosing a towel-washing provider. Compared to the majority of towel service suppliers, Luxlaundry offers a unique price structure.

We discovered that traditional towel cleaning clients were dissatisfied with monthly bills that varied depending on consumption, how many towels used, and a “pay-as-you-go” pricing model in other to save money.

Customers were also dissatisfied with the unexpected service charges, such as shipping and replacement expenses, that appeared on their invoices. It is challenging to budget for the entire and comprehensive cost of the program as a result of these fees, which “muddy up” the invoice.

Extra towels exceeding the number of pick-ups will be sent with each delivery by the Luxlaundry towel service. In this manner, the likelihood of a client running out of store towels is quite low.


If you want your company to be renowned for its hygienic, cozy, and healthy services, gym towel service is essential. Towel service is a terrific way to establish a strong rapport with your clients since it shows them that you are concerned about their comfort and well-being. For the luxury of your customers, you should therefore buy towels of top quality and keep them in a decent and clean spot.

Investments include towels. It’s crucial to figure out a way to extend the life of your towels when you run a business that depends on them being spotless and smelling good. In the gym industry, where towels are used by customers, you need to keep them clean and odor-free. After all, the condition of your towels says a lot about your company. You may always have access to clean, fresh, and fluffy towels thanks to the Luxlaundry Service.

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